OSX oddness

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OSX oddness

Postby davidfsmith » Wed Feb 06, 2008 3:02 pm

Not sure where I should place this, however....
I'm testing out Outlook -> iCal appointment creation
Office 2004 on the PC - using ZCO 5.0.1

Leopard on the Mac - using iSync 5.0.1897
Appointment is created in outlook, the Mac users receives an email with the subject set to the meeting name, and the appointment details as text, with a mime-attachment.ics file.
Viewing the email does nothing. (in Mail.app)
Clicking the attachment opens iCal and adds in two appointments, one in local "Home" calendar and the other in my "Calendar" calendar which is my work calendar on the server (sync'd using CalDAV)
Home calendar entry

- Shown as a grey outlined entry and in the notifications panel I have the options of "Maybe" / "Decline" / "Accept" selecting all but decline will add this entry to my "Home" calendar and mean it doesn't show in my Work calendar (and thus my free / busy info is wrong) also I can't accept and then change the calendar it should be in to one of the CalDAV calendars.
Calendar calendar entry

- Shown as a normal entry which I've accepted.
I would expect to have one entry which I can "Maybe" / "Decline" / "Accept" and chose which calendar I add it to (including CalDAV)....
Anyone else experiencing this or have a fix / suggestions.
Also just noticed if I decline the event in the Home calendar, then the decline email is sent, the entry removed, however the second entry in the Calendar calendar remains and shows in iCal as accepted. (If I then delete this entry a decline email is sent)

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