New iSync Connector (v0.98) Posted

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New iSync Connector (v0.98) Posted

Postby 14319KevinH » Fri May 05, 2006 12:40 pm

The latest release of the iSync beta has been posted to the support portal.

of the issues resolved in this version(v0.98):
* Fixed bug in passing username/password AuthRequest call.

* Fixed bug in response parsing of CreateAppointmentRequest.

* Fixed bug in calendar selection syncing. New calendars can now be selected after the initial sync.

* Fixed bug in modifying sync parameters. Toggling the sync contacts/ sync calendars buttons previously caused an initial sync to happen.

* Fixed bug when trying to sync an empty contact from the Mac to ZCS.

* The "delete all calendars before syncing" option now correctly deletes all appointments in the main ZCS calendar

* More descriptive error text when sync fails.

If you are a Network Trial customer or would like to be but do not have access to the support portal please contact

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