not able to read an user inbox with pop3 details

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not able to read an user inbox with pop3 details

Postby PCherukumalla » Sat May 30, 2015 1:21 pm


i am working an a POC to integrate Zimbra mail with Tibco busniessworks.  i am trying to read emails from an user inbox user inbox from tibco Receivemail activity where we can provide POP3 details such as hostname.(, portno (110), username: johnny or and Password but i am getting below error

                 "could not connect tomail server - invalid username in field [User Name] and/or invalid password in field [Password]"

i ahve tried with port 995 also but got the same error.

But i am able send emails to any user with hostname.(, smtp portno (25). 

Please help to figure out the issue.



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