Calendar Invites from iCloud substitute contacts

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Calendar Invites from iCloud substitute contacts

Postby Drozdovich » Wed Apr 13, 2016 1:36 pm

Hello Community.

I have Zimbra 8.6.0 on Ubuntu Server 12.12.

People uses to getting mail on MacOS X EL Capitan.
- John sends invite from iCloud calendar to Peter (
Peter received email
"from" Jonh (
"to" Peter (
"reply-to" <>

Than Peter accepts invite and its appears in Zimbra calendar.
Some time later, Peter wants to send email to John, and receives it by self, the message looks
"from" Peter (
"to" Jonh (

If Peter goes to web interface Zimbra, he can find contact Jonh (2_GEYDMMRRGM2DGOBUGEYDMMRRGPAS3H2S22H7O ...

To resolve this issue, Peter removes this contact in\Previous Recipients looks like
name email

After that few time all goes fine.

Thanks for any advice

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