contact name differs than sender says

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contact name differs than sender says

Postby 3118ZenMasta » Wed Sep 02, 2009 4:15 pm

my sister and brother in law share an email address. it just so happens to be configured to come through as Mike E. When I added this email address as a contact I set the name to Linda E.
If I autocomplete to type a new mail in zimbra or I can type Linda and it will autocomplete using the name in the contact.
However if I want to search for message that came from them searching for Linda will not work. I have to search for mike. Now I could just search by last name but it seems like it should be smart enough to say okay search for the contact name and then any emails that match the address.
If I open the message in Zimbra it will show in the from column "Mike E" but in the Reading Pane the blue area with the subject etc it says sent by Linda E and a link to the contact.
Is this confusing?

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