Zimbra desktop 7.2.5 stops printing on OSX 10.8+

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Zimbra desktop 7.2.5 stops printing on OSX 10.8+

Postby JDunphy » Tue Aug 12, 2014 9:48 pm

We have a user who has been using the zimbra desktop (7.2.5) for approximately 4 months without issue. On Friday, he reported that the print functionality stopped working when using the desktop client on his mac. A mac consultant was called in and he verified the environment and reinstalled the desktop application and java. He even went so far to copy, install on a fresh image of OSX 10.8+ when that failed to resolve the problem.
Here is what they reported.
1) All other apps on this machine including browsers continual to print without issue

2) This user when using the web interface to the zimbra server for his account (8.0.7 commercial version of zimbra server - we use to call it the exchange/network/pro version) can print without issue

3) The zimbra desktop application reports no errors in the log directory in the users account

4) A new account was added to another email server and printing works for this account on this machine

5) All zimbra desktop client functions appear to work normally with the exception of printing for this one account

6) Printing fails for all types (tasks, calendar, etc, etc) for this account

7) Error console reports no errors. There are no messages reported to the user when submitting the print

8) CUPS log has an entry for: "Aborting job because it has no files" which they believe corresponds to the zimbra desktop client
I can say that this account is a typical with the number of folders and subfolders which I believe is over 2000. They report no JAVA stack traces, etc however.
Any advice on how to get better dianostics or where to look next to track this down further and get the desktop client printing again for this mac user.

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Zimbra desktop 7.2.5 stops printing on OSX 10.8+

Postby rmcarthur » Mon Oct 06, 2014 12:24 pm


We also have a user with the same issue. Same version of zimbra desktop and no issues. Has the latest version of OSX and all of a sudden printing from within zimbra has stopped functioning. Jim, were you able to solve this issue?

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