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Disable antispam and antivirus

Postby manfred.gipp » Mon May 18, 2015 8:47 am


i tried to disable our antispam and antivirus within zimbra, because we dont need this function.

We use zimbra 8.6.0_GA_1162.NETWORK on CENTOS.

What i tried:

zmprov -l ms 'our.server.local' -zimbraServiceEnabled antispam

zmprov -l ms 'our.server.local' -zimbraServiceEnable antivirus

zmprov -l ms 'our.server.local' -zimbraServiceEnable amavis

I tried also:

zmprov md our.domain +amavisSpamLover TRUE

After changing any of these configurations naturally restarting zimbra with zmcontrol restart

Nothing worked.

I can verify the function because Mails are sent to the SPAM-Folder of certain Users. And there are Mails from MAILER-DAEMON which tells me that there are Mails that are classified as SPAM or HAM.

Can anybody help me to disable these services?

Thank you very much


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