SMTP + TLS Between GLPI and Zimbra

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SMTP + TLS Between GLPI and Zimbra

Postby ccoronado » Tue Nov 17, 2015 2:26 pm

Hi, I am trying to link GLPI (inventory software) notifications to zimbra using SMTP + TLS, I have tried everything and still without any positive results, I keep getting:

- SSL_accept error from unknown[]: lost connection

- lost connection after STARTTLS from unknown[]

I have checked forums and other sites without being able to understand why I cannot connect, I understand it may be an authentication problem, but I am not sure why.

I am using zimbra 8.0.6 and GLPI 0.85.2, all on the same network, I have spamassasin and others installed and running.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

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