New to Zimbra and I love it!

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New to Zimbra and I love it!

Postby jenmay » Sat Dec 23, 2017 4:13 pm

I have 2 email accounts that I have to monitor. As a result of my mom being sick and I take care of her, I monitor her email as well. So we have lots of folders and lots of email that comes through. I have been searching and searching for an email that was best suited to our 4 devices and 2 accounts. I wanted a program where i could control the folders, have email in same space and be manageable. I have literally installed 15 programs and they all just didn't cut it. THEN I found Zimbra!! I am so impressed with this desktop package, I am posting on this forum. And I rarely, ever post anywhere. But it is so managable. I can mass delete, and I can actually drag and drop folders to where I need them to be. Thanks so much for this program, I didn't think it existed. I am now going to manage my 2000k emails and get it under control! Thanks again. Great program.

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