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Zimbra Desktop password limit

Postby c_c » Tue Jun 19, 2018 9:32 am

While setting up an e-mail account using Zimbra Desktop v7.3.1, it turns out that Zimbra has some internal issue with secure passwords and will only work with shorter passwords.

Why does Zimbra not support the same password length across the entire product line?

For example, on this Zimbra forum, the Password rules state: 'Must be between 6 characters and 100 characters.' with a 100 character password labledas 'very strong'; however, when using Zimbra desktop v7.3.1, an e-mail account with a 100 character password is disallowed with this error message: account.INVALID_ATTR_VALUE: zimbraDataSourcePassword value length(172) larger than max allowed: 128

Some questions for clarification:
A) 100 is less than 128 and is not equal to 172. How does Zimbra think that this is too long?
B) Why does Zimbra have different password rules for different parts of the Zimbra ecosystem?
C) Assuming that a password of 172-100 (72) would work, why is Zimbra forcing the use of a less secure password?

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