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Zimbra-Desktop - Attachments, Embedded Images, View etc.,

Postby sowjendra » Thu Jun 21, 2018 4:27 am


I am a user of Lotus Notes, planned to make use of Zimbra desktop for testing purpose as we are trying to migrate to Zimbra. I found few difficulties / issues in using zimbra Desktop.

1. I need to download attachments and view the content. There must be a option to open the documents directly from the Zimbra Desktop.
2. Embedded image moved to file .. This makes me to loose the mail flow. If there are lot of images attached in the message, every time i need to download the respective image and view.
3. I can't change the font size of the zimbra desktop. The view is very small.
4. When I compose a message there are some special pixels added to the alphabets. I have attached a screen for reference, (please look at after the word "am" and "show" in the pic)
5. No option to change the background of message based upon a filter rule. (Example : All the messages from xxx@doman.com has to be highlighted with a colour)

I am using Zimbra Desktop 7.3.1 GA (build 13063) on Ubuntu 18.04.

These are my initial findings. Still we need to explore and find out the options.

M. Surendra

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