Linux x64 7.3.0 / 7.3.1 performance issue

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Linux x64 7.3.0 / 7.3.1 performance issue

Postby BradC » Sun Jul 22, 2018 3:39 pm

G'day All,

An odd one. I recently did a clean OS install of the latest Debian stable x64. I installed ZD 7.3.1 and got it running. That was (at the outset) very easy.
Unfortunately I noticed that having ZD open prevented my screens from going to sleep (specifically ZD is waking the X server every 300 seconds). Mucho debugging highlighted another issue, and I've not got back to the sleep issue because removing 7.3.1 & installing 7.3.0 worked around the sleep issue. 7.3.0 does not keep the X server awake and all my screens happily DPMS off.

Unfortunately, the issue I found is both 7.3 versions appear to use approximately 20% of one CPU core on an i7-2600 continuously. I spent some time looking into this and wound up using xscope to sit between ZD and the X server, and found that ZD when "idle" sends the same pair of pixmaps to the server continuously and pretty much as fast as it can. This results in ZD using cpu (sending) and the X server using cpu (receiving).

Can anyone running ZD on a Linux x64 system have a look and see if the "idle" cpu usage is more than about zero? I've found numerous references to node-webkit based stuff doing this, but no conclusive way of narrowing it down or digging any deeper.

At the moment I just kill ZD when I'm not at the console, but that is hardly a workaround. I'm getting very close to installing the plethora of 32bit libraries required to re-install 7.2.7 as that is still working fine on my other machines.

I thought I'd ask here before raising a bug in the hope that someone else might have noticed odd behaviour.

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