Many functionality and implementation questions...

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Many functionality and implementation questions...

Postby designingpeople » Thu May 09, 2019 10:42 am

Good morning Zimbra Experts.......,

Hello, as of this morning, I terminated by business relationship with Google after my gmail and google drive has gotten hacked now 3 times in 3 months. I already work in a super high risk envoronment and an office where I need some added security, so I will not tolerate their security breach excuses anymore.

Having said that I am concerned about finances being a small USA nonprofit and by dumping Google, I am loosing a decent amount of funds. So I read on that you give services to select nonprofits; no charge or severely reduced costs which I so very need, right at the moment anyway. In a time of serious Google security breaches and adding on financials is a bit much to handle - I'm sure you all get it.

So having said that, I need a bit of clarification of what all your network edition, menu of services can and can't do when it comes to every day stuff. I sure could use all your add on services too - I use similar all day long sometimes 10 hours/day now. I also want it on your new business email platform that is customizable because this go around I am definitely going to have my email and SMS/MMS texting services integrated with each other because I no longer have the time to flip back and forth between an email and then a SMS app. This or some similar fix is a must....

I would like to learn more about this new voice product - that would fit well with my charity.

Lastly, I need to clarify if Zimbra themselves does their own email hosting or do you 3 party that all out to partners/dealers? If you do 3 party out all of it, I need a good, solid, and very honest recommendation of the absolute best web host and email host - I don't care where they are in the world. I have lost too many hours of sleep with all these mysterious Google hackings - something that is totally uncalled for. No excuses.

Please private message me back your response as well and text me if you can. This is my first post so you all need to know that I am hearing impaired. If you text and email both, I keep up the response pace well.

Have a super day,

Erik, CEO, Designing People
text - 785 760 2070

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Re: Many functionality and implementation questions...

Postby 7224jobe » Thu May 09, 2019 11:58 am

Hello designingpeople,
I think you posted in the wrong section of this forum, this section is about the (discontinued) Zimbra desktop client. Moreover, you'd receive more and better answers (especially about Network edition) if you contact Zimbra directly: .

Have a nice day

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