BCC are no longer distributed

If Zimbra Desktop had a sync failure, it may have told you to post your error in this section.
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BCC are no longer distributed

Postby shark » Tue Dec 27, 2016 3:23 am


In october, we had a problem with clamav 0.97 and I was forced to upgrade zimbra in the latest version (8.7.1)

(For information, the problem I had in october was this one : https://blog.zimbra.com/2016/10/clamav- ... unchecked/)

And now, the bcc mails aren't distributed to the recipient, but I don't understand why.

Is somebody know this problem ?

I specify that we use fetchmail because our ISP (in french Polynesia) does not provide Fixed IP adresses.
So, we used a catchall box, and we recover all the mail of the society with fetchmail.

Temporarily, I add a line "set postmaster = admin" in the fetchmailrc, otherwise the BCC mails would be definitively lost.
Sometimes I consult the admin mailbox and I redirect bcc mail to the correct recipient.

Thank-you for your help.

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