Zimbra Desktop install fails in Linux Mint Mate 18.3

Need some help getting Zimbra Desktop set up and working?
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Zimbra Desktop install fails in Linux Mint Mate 18.3

Postby wrightg » Tue Dec 12, 2017 5:06 pm

I am having a horrible time trying to get Zimbra Desktop 7.3.1 installed and running on a Linux Mint Mate 18.3 (64bit) system.

The actual installation of the software appears to work as expected! The installation of ZD was performed under the initial privileged account which was created when the Linux Mint system was originally installed. I'm assuming that this was a 'root' account. After installing ZD, I then created two non-privileged user accounts and it is under these two accounts that I want to run Zimbra Desktop.

I logged into the first of the non-privileged user accounts and ran the /opt/zimbra/zdesktop/linux/user-install.pl perl script and responded to the two questions about Zimbra files as appropriate. The script then failed with a error message that it could not create a .tmp file in the /opt/zimbra/zdesktop/linux directory. Of course it couldn't create a file there; the user has no permission to write to that directory! I then started to look at the install script and not being that well versed in perl, realized that this script would NEVER execute properly for a non-privilged user. In fact I re-ran the script using the 'root' account and the zdrun.pl script was modified with the hard-coded directories of the privileged account.

So, has anybody fixed the install scripts to actually work correctly and have those scripts available. If so, I would love a copy.

I would like to get Zimbra Desktop working in my Linux environment, but with the current installation commands, that seems to me to be impossible. I might be able to rewrite the scripts, but I'm going to have to learn perl to do so and I don't think that would be the best way to solve this problem for everybody. It would be better if the scripts were re-written by the people who created them.

In the meantime, has ANYBODY gotten Zimbra Desktop 7.3.1GA installed onto a 64bit Ubuntu based Linux system and if so, how did you do it?


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