zd install going wrong in linux

Need some help getting Zimbra Desktop set up and working?
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zd install going wrong in linux

Postby Slimzy » Thu Jan 31, 2019 6:06 am

hey there,

i am kind of new to zimbra,

i currently have a zimbra collab up and running on a ubuntu 18.04 lts no issue up to now.

my problem is on a different vm i have another ubuntu 18.04 lts or should i say Xubuntu running a ltsp server for about 15 client, the issue is installing the software work fine for up to 1 user then when i try to install it on other users account well the i get permission issue which i can solve with chown but that actually break the install .... like completely.

and also i noticed that the install file will be owned by the user that uncompressed the main installer file weird !

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