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zimbra+palm 755p: does it sync contacts?

Posted: Sat Mar 13, 2010 9:05 am
by cslaftery

does the sync software between zimbra and plam clients allow a full PIM sync, including

* contacts?

* tasks?

* calendar entries?

* memos?
I have a Palm 755p and run Windows XP.



zimbra+palm 755p: does it sync contacts?

Posted: Tue Mar 16, 2010 1:40 pm
by dpmchris
I will try to field this one, since nobody else is answering:
We use the over-the-air sync which is a part of Zimbra NE with mobility, I am not sure about using local sync software. When we had our Treo 650s phones, I was unable to get contacts to sync, only calendar and email, all over the air.
However when one of my users got a 700p it allowed syncing of contacts calendars and email, so I assume the 755p would be similar. Tasks/notes never were supported as far as I can tell.
However if you are trying to go from Zimbra to Outlook to Palm and back, you may have more difficulty. I haven't tried it, please search the forums and wikis.