Zimbra Shared calendars iOS

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Zimbra Shared calendars iOS

Postby edricksmith » Fri Feb 07, 2014 4:31 pm

Running iOS 7.0.4

Zimbra 8.0.5
I've tried looking on the internet but get varying solutions to fix this what seems to be should be a simple thing to do. What is the best method of allowing someone to view and edit a shared calendar on their iOS device?
I've created a shared account called ESEntertain on my account edrick@mydomain.com I then shared with them and allowed them to manage the calendar. As would be expected this works fine on the webmail client. On their iPhone or iPad however it doesn't show up. Now I know this is a bug because somewhere between here and there doesn't support shared calendars properly. I've tried a few things online, but what I'm asking is what have you verified to work in this scenario?

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Zimbra Shared calendars iOS

Postby tbarnhill » Fri Feb 21, 2014 10:38 am

If you want shared calendars on iOS, go into the webmail account of the person. Go to preferences, calendar, scroll to bottom and uncheck the Delegate iCal box at the bottom. Press Save.

Go to iphone, go to calendar list, pull down to refresh. Your calendars will start showing up.
If you want to access those same shared calendars in iCal then after the iPhone refreshes, go back in and check that box and then press save. Then refresh calendars on desktop, you will see all calendars and will be able to write to the ones that you have write access to.
If that box is checked when you refresh calendars on phone, then they won't show up. It does not need to be checked to sync calendars going forward, only when the iPhone is initially looking for the calendars.
Totally annoying bug that I deal with EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Prior to 8.0.3, we didn't have this problem. Everything worked great.

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