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Re: Z-Push Zimbra Backend (Push Email, Contacts, Appointments & Tasks)

Posted: Tue Dec 26, 2017 4:38 pm
by cesarpk
Hello to all
I am new in this forum, and i would like to ask how i install and configure z-push and the zimbra-backend in the same physical server where zimbra is running, can anybody give me a web link to a tutorial that is well done, and where i only need a single server?

In my scenery, and in a single physical server, i have installed ubuntu 16.04 LTS, zimbra 8.8.5 GA (with almost all modules, including zimbra-proxy, etc.), also apache and bind9 over ubuntu server, and all was updated until today.

With these installations and configurations, the access to zimbra work perfectly, except the z-push and/or zimbra-backend.

Also i have viewed and executed this tutorial that not work in my case (adapting to ubuntu)...

Any help will be welcome.

Best regards