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Zimbra connect Turnserver troubles

Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2020 4:22 am
by rklz
I am trying to get a newly licensed Zimbra connect working with a Turn server and I added it and something is wrong. Now it won't even show me the video icon in a chat even for 2 people on the same network. How do I remove the turn server config? The documentation is incomplete for removals, only adds.

I added the turnerserver with:

zxsuite connect iceServer add turn:<turnsrv_external_ip:3478> credential <clear text password entered in coturn config> username <user entered in coturn config>

But it isn't working and I'm trying to pull the config back out. I have tried the below commands and all of them say OK, but when I do a get again, they are still there.

zxsuite connect iceServer remove turn
zxsuite connect iceServer remove turn:<turnsrv_external_ip:3478>