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attachment download error

Posted: Thu May 04, 2017 8:16 am
by frdt
with ZD 7.3.0 last build, on windows 10
when I download pdf file, a new popup windows is fireup and preview of pdf is displayed, offer to me a menu to save or print pdf.
If a download other file (docx, xls ...) popup windows is well fireup but with a blank page, I get immediatelly file explorer opened to give me the opportunity to save file at any location. I save the file but when a try to open de file with writer or word, the file size is null and I receive message about wrong path to the file... It's seams that the file is not well downloaded to a local location.
Using web client I can download and open any file.
The problems seams about ZD not the content of the mail.
At this time my workaround is to save the file in the briefcase and then dowload it from the briefcase.
any ideas ?