How to use Backup NG for disaster recovery

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How to use Backup NG for disaster recovery

Postby zimico » Thu Mar 15, 2018 6:02 am

Dear all,

I read the admin guide for disaster recovery using NG Backup. As I understand, the main step is use export backup on old server and then do external restore (import backup) on new server. My question is how can I recover messages which sent/recieved between the last backup and the time which old server's crashed. For example:
I already set up LAB with 2 servers. Here are my steps:
at T1 time, I do export backup to /backup/externalbackup/
at T2 time, I send a test mail to account1.
at T3 time, I rsync /backup/ folder from main server to backup server.
at T4 time, I shutdown main server (crash!)
Now on backup server:
- I start Zimbra, turn off realtime scanner. Chang backup path to rsynced folder (I call it /remotebackup/)
- Do import backup from rsynced external backup from main server => it’s ok. I get the exact system state as it’s at T1 time.
=> Now I want to “restore” the email which was sent at T2 time (duration between export backup (T1) and disaster point (T4)) INTO account1. Could you instruct me?
I tried with:
- “restore deletted account” => no account (because of I didn’t delete any account)
- “undelete restore” => no email (because of no deleted flag on email at T2 time, of course).
- “restore on new account” => I can get email at T2 time but on “restored_account1” mailbox (and we need one more mailbox license for this restored_account, don’t we?)

Thank and best regards,

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