Email link, in File tab, not working

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Email link, in File tab, not working

Postby msnurse74 » Wed Jul 29, 2020 11:46 pm

Okay--let me see if I get any kind of help here--

If I am on a web page---and I want to send that to someone, I used to be able to go to File tab, click on Email link, a composition e-mail would come up, with the web page attached---so all I had to do, was fill in the address of whom I wanted to send this to.

Lately----when I do that, it goes, straight, to my e-mail in box, instead of composition e-mail.

I chatted with the help desk, and he could not find out why it was doing this. I have sent a couple of requests for help, and no one has responded.

Can anyone help me?


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