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nextcloud activity email notifications not sent to zimbra drive users

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 1:04 pm
by aa.malta
Steps to reproduce:
Setup nextcloud server with Zimbra Drive and add Zimbra users
Make user settings to receive email notifications on file activity
Create/Modify/Delete files that are shared with above zimbra user

Expected behaviour:
I would like to receive email notifications on file activity (like they are working for "Local" users)

Actual behaviour:
Zimbra Drive users can see entries in the Activity app, but does not receive email notifications.

What I found so far:
New zimbra user accounts does not automatically populate the table "oc_properties" (propertypath=settings propertyname=email)
Workaround: open the admin/users page, tick "Show email address" and add emails manually for each user.

Server configuration
Operating system: Centos7
Web server: Apache
Database: MariaDB
PHP version: 7.1 (ius)
Nextcloud version: 13.0.2