Zimbra Drive for 2 domains.

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Zimbra Drive for 2 domains.

Postby yohoho » Mon Jul 01, 2019 7:12 pm

Hi, I am building a mail server.

However, I decided to migrate to a new domain.

I still use the old domain for some of my employees. However, I wish to use gTLD for new employee.

Server 1: Zimbra OSE with Zimbra Drive
Server 2: NextCloud with ONLYOFFICE Document Server.

Have done list:
zmprov md x1.com zimbraDriveNextCloudURL 'http://cloud.x1.com/index.php'
zmprov md x2.com zimbraDriveNextCloudURL 'http://cloud.x1.com/index.php'
zmprov md x3.com zimbraDriveNextCloudURL 'http://cloud.x1.com/index.php'

x1.com = old domain (mail.x1.com and cloud.x1.com)
x2.com = new domain (login through mail.x1.com to access the mail)
x3.com = new domain (works the same as x2.com)

What happened?
I created a new mail account under @x2.com. Clicked the "Open Drive" menu, did not work. No new Cloud account.
To confirm, I created a new mail account under @x1.com. Clicked the "Open Drive" and the account was created afterwards.

How do you fix this? I want to give @x2.com access to Open Drive / NextCloud

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