[FAILED] Zimbra Drive extension connection

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[FAILED] Zimbra Drive extension connection

Postby LZslb » Mon Aug 31, 2020 3:17 pm

with a configuration of 2 Zimbra 8.8.15 (Zimbra proxy in DMZ and the main ZIMBRA server in the LAN) + Nextcloud 18 hosted on an external cloud, when I test the link from the Nextcloud page I get the following message for the last test :

[FAILED] Zimbra Drive extension connection test: Impossible to connect to Zimbra Drive extension (response http code: 400)

I do not see what is blocking. Do you have a resolution search lead for me?

NB: Between the Nexcloud server there is a firewall at the level of the cloud infrastructure and a firewall for the DMZ and the LAN.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions.



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Re: [FAILED] Zimbra Drive extension connection

Postby subrednorte » Fri Jan 15, 2021 1:50 pm

400 error: Bad Request

This is due to unauthorized domain:

Check nextcloud/config/config.php authorized domains. It should match the name or ip address you use to connect from zibra server.

Code: Select all

  array (
          0 => 'www5.domain.name',
          1 => ''

Problem is that after fixing that, next you will find a 500 error due to javascript not enabled at zimbra server.

I'm stuck at this point. Don't know how to solve this!!

Main problem with new zimbra drive is that errors are not shown at the user screen. Simply the drive button doen't nothing!!

For debugging, to know what is happening, you should use http instead of https, and use tcpdump to view the html responses.

If you can connect, please tell me how to!

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