Available forums and "off-topic"

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Available forums and "off-topic"

Postby phoenix » Sun Sep 14, 2014 3:04 am

Is the current list of forums for ZCS going to stay or is it going to revert to the layout we had on the old forums? Why are there separate forums for example "Zimbra Collaboration 8.0+" (which I assume is Network Edition) and the Zimbra Collaboration Open Source Edition 8.x - what's the point of this exercise? Apart from the fact that those particular forums indicate two different versions of ZCS and according to the current structure NE users don't have a place to post about ZCS 8.5.x.

It makes no sense to split out the forums in this manner, it's confusing and means we have to look in different forms for any questions that people post. The products are the same, the problems are the same and the NE features such as ZCO can be split out into it's own forum just the same as the old forums - this is going to creat more confusion about where a user should post.

Why no off-topic posts in these forums? I've posted various things in the old forums that weren't specifically on-topic but were possibly relevant to a users experience - are these sorts of posts off-topic and not allowed? What's your definition of off-topic?



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Available forums and "off-topic"

Postby glenarmes » Sun Sep 14, 2014 5:10 pm

This spot for discussion was implemented to help get forum support going once again after the abrupt shutdown of the former forums. The former forum data is definitely planned for migration along with topic changes. More information on this accelerated transition can be found http://community.zimbra.com/zblogs/b/teamblog/archive/2014/09/12/zimbra-forums-migrating-to-new-home .

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