New forum hard to find / navigate

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New forum hard to find / navigate

Postby dirkjanvanderwal » Tue Sep 16, 2014 3:50 am

Hello community,

I recently started using Zimbra and Zimbra Desktop. Enjoying a great product!

However not every is running smooth, but hey it is my choice to install on 64 bit Ubuntu and mess up settings :-)

To solve some of the issues I had I started searching for these support forums. First to find them offline at and still being offline there today. I got there by clicking on "forums" in the menu of

Suggestion for improvement: Change the menu link to the forums on the wiki pages.

DuckDuckGo led me to this place in the end. So I hope I'll get some tips as to how undo my messing up things. However after clicking on the Zimbra logo in the header I was led to the community homepage. No problem, there is a support link that takes you to a page with a link to the support forums. Unfortunately though that page does not list all forums.

Suggestion for improvement: Display all available forums on this page: [View:]

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New forum hard to find / navigate

Postby jenneme » Tue Sep 16, 2014 10:32 am

Thank you, Dirk. I will see what we can do about getting that wiki link updated. As for our support group, right now that is still mainly for Zimbra Community (this product we are using to communicate). We are keeping the Zimbra Collaboration forums separate for now until our imported members can get used to the community and how it works. But, having that listing in support is a good note for the future. :)

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