Funding for zimbra development

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Funding for zimbra development

Postby obadiah » Sat Oct 06, 2018 12:08 pm

I am a new zimbra user, so forgive me if this already exists or has been discussed before.

But I think you should consider having direct fund raising for development on some of the long-standing community requests for new functions or fixing bugs. The model I am familiar with is the Make It Happen campaigns run by CiviCRM. The community gets to scratch its own itch so to speak, and if people care enough about a particular item they can commit the resources to get it done. It requires that the devs assign a price to the work required, and commit to complete it if the financial goal is achieved.


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Re: Funding for zimbra development

Postby 10424bofh » Sat Dec 08, 2018 12:57 am

i strongly diasgree

honestly im not willing to fund anything because currently the FOSS versions gets disected.
so the only effect it would have is that the foss community now finances all the core functions, and yet very basic important security features like backup or 2fa will remain in the network edition.

hell even zimbra drive - a interface to another opensource file storage solution - is network only.
so the foxx version is becomming more and more a better postfix, that is kept alive with a lot of scripts and manual tinkering and last but not least compromises.

i woudl have no problem spending a lot of money in contributions if that game was fair.
then again we already contribute a lot. alone the time this community invests into support, testing and bugreporting, this is worth millions a year already.
yet we dont even get basic security.

hell even my request to deny login via aliases, so logins can be hidden and users dont get constantly locked out because of botnets trying to bruteforce passwords, is ignored for years, even tough the solution is absolutly simple todo.

same time this product get more bloated by the second with not much functionality improvement whatsoever.
so FOSS users suffer the consequences of a staggering functionality in network with no benefits at all..

zimbra should finally be honest and simpyl sqads FOSS, and offer network only for good. then at least it can die within a few years and we all join google or microsoft and thats that..

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