Inserting Excel table into new e-mail

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Inserting Excel table into new e-mail

Postby tdh10 » Fri Nov 09, 2018 7:35 am

I discovered some bug or at least different behavior between the web client and the ZD on Windows 7 and Windows 10 environment. If I select some cells in MS Excel and copy it to the clipboard, and then paste into a new e-mail, the formatting is lost in ZD (despite the new message composition is set to HTML). It does not keep cell background color, borders, etc. However in web client it is fully functional, I can paste the excel content without loosing any formatting.

I attached a sample.xlsx file (zipped) which was auto-generated by excel (2016) with some template and sample data. Copying this table to ZD on Windows does loose lot of formatting. I also tried to open this xlsx on Windows (10) with LibreOffice ( x64) and copy-paste the table from LibreOffice to ZD, but this way the formatting was preserved (and the paste operation was also lot faster)

If I open this samle.xlsx on Linux (Fedora 25 WS) with LibreOffice and copy-paste the table to ZD (7.3.0 GA for Linux x64) the formatting is preserved, and the table looks good. Paste this table in web client in both Windows and Linux the formatting is preserved. So it seems this is Excel and Zimbra Desktop related issue.

Is this lack of feature, or bug in ZD for Windows? Or just some misconfiguration?

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