Zimbra's New Bug & RFE Process And Forum France Follow-Up

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Zimbra's New Bug & RFE Process And Forum France Follow-Up

Postby gbillat » Mon Mar 26, 2018 11:49 pm

It was great seeing so many of you at #ZFF2018 Forum France last week! Checkout the recap here: https://blog.zimbra.com/2018/03/zimbra-forum-france-2018-thats-wrap/

One topic covered at the Forum was Zimbra’s new Bug and RFE process.

Synacor/Zimbra has started using a new bug and request for enhancement process and will no longer actively monitor the old Zimbra bugzilla.

Customers with a valid Zimbra license or Open Source support contract will be able to report bugs and request enhancements via Zimbra support. Zimbra Partners should always reach out to their account managers as a primary resource.

Zimbra engineering and product management teams will evaluate, prioritize and schedule the reported issues, which will allow for quicker resolution of critical issues. Lower priority issues will either be fixed or rejected within two months to avoid issues piling-up over time. (i.e.; no black hole!)

This will happen in closed Synacor internal systems, which is required to protect the sensitive and private data included in those reports and the compliance standards Synacor as a public company has to follow (for example GDPR).

However, we acknowledge the need of our Partners to have some level of access to the open bugs and RFEs, and we will investigate possibilities to provide some kind of access within these boundaries.

Synacor is and always has been fully committed to the Zimbra Open Source community and therefore is currently setting up an Open Source project, which will work with the community members to move the Open Source side of Zimbra forward. This Open Source project will offer means to openly report issues, file enhancement requests and collaborate just like the old Zimbra bugzilla did, but it will be a fresh new platform.

More details on the Open Source project will be released separately within the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for your continued support of and loyalty to Zimbra! We value you immensely.

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