ZCS 4.5.6 Has Been Released

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ZCS 4.5.6 Has Been Released

Postby jholder » Thu Jun 28, 2007 7:54 pm

We're very pleased to announce that we have released Zimbra Collaboration Suite 4.5.6.
Users upgrading from Zimbra 4.5.x should upgrade directly to this release.

Users upgrading from legacy releases such as 3.0 should upgrade to 4.0 -> 4.5.6.
We strongly encourage all of our users to maintain the latest maintenance release.

Major Issues Fixed for 4.5.6 :

7837 Calendar will now send email to users that have the same name but have different email addresses.
12347 Intermittent error 2147418094 on IE 6 when reading mail is fixed.
14438 The existing ZCS services enabled/disabled configurations are preserved after upgrades.
14945 Logger should no longer stop in the middle of the night.
15331 For IMAP clients, you can now turn off the IDLE capability. User names with /ni do not get notification about IDLE capabilities.
15612 .doc and .pdf files now open correctly in ZWC
15686 When creating an appointment, the new appointments dialog displays the date and time that is selected in the calendar view.
15996 Away messages are no longer blocked.
16022 Appointments from Meeting Maker in Outlook can now be imported.
16476 Incremental backup sessions will complete, even when archived redo logs have gaps in sequence. The backup report email that is sent

will list the problem.
16628 The RHEL 4 update 5 version is correctly detected during the ZCS upgrade.
16815 Attachments to messages now are migrated to ZCS
16879 The conditions that caused the databases to be dropped has been resolved.
16931 Servers now automatically start after upgrade.
17273 Deadlock fixed.
17357 Because searching through multiple mailboxes is not instantaneous, when searching, you should set a specific end time in the search query. By setting the end time, you can manage your search results.
17441 Perdition works for users who have special characters, such as * or + in their user ID.
17462 ZCS checks the MySQL database for corruption and will notify the administrator if any corruption is found. A new report, zmdbintegrityreport, will run weekly. When this is run, it may consume a significant amount of I/O. If you find that it is an issue, you may want to change the frequency

with which zmdbintegrityreport is run by editing the Zimbra userÂ’s crontab entry.
17517 The registry key, MaxAttachSizeMB, which is common for migration and importing tools, has been moved to

17766 The zmtrainsa usage has been changed so that password is no longer required to access folders. (zmtrainsa [folder]
Network Edition Download:


*Note- The page currently says 4.5.5. This is an error. The links are 4.5.6

Open Source Edition Download:


Release Notes:


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ZCS 4.5.6 Has Been Released

Postby rdargahi » Thu Jun 28, 2007 8:45 pm

You can find some more detailed 4.5.6 info Here

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