Zimbra Collaboration 8.0.7 Patch 2 is GA

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Zimbra Collaboration 8.0.7 Patch 2 is GA

Postby 2610thom » Tue Aug 12, 2014 8:14 pm

Hello Zimbra administrators,
We wanted to briefly note that Zimbra Collaboration 8.0.7 Patch 2 is now available, as of Tuesday August 12. Details are here:
Zimbra Collaboration 8.0.7 Patch 2:

This patch was released specifically to fix issues in the Admin UI related to Delegated Admin functions. The bug fixes in Patch 2 include all those previously included in Patch 1, plus these additional fixes:

  • Bug 93140 (Admin - Console): ZCS 8.0.7 Patch 1 breaks Delegated Admin functionality

  • Bug 93974 (Admin - Console): Delegated Admin : cannot assign owner to a DL

  • Bug 93976 (Admin - Console): Delegated admin: Unable to edit DL

  • Bug 93980 (Admin - Console): Delegated admin: Unable to edit Account

  • Bug 93984 (Admin - Console): Delegated admin: Unable to edit resource

  • Bug 93990 (Admin - Console): Delegated Admin : delete domain action should allow force delete if the domain is not empty

  • Bug 94080 (Admin - Console): Backup Extension - Logging in after fresh install displays "Backup Failed" message

  • Bug 94172 (Admin - Console): Cross mailbox search UI shown even when user does not have permissions

  • Bug 94188 (Admin - Console): View Mail option is shown in popup menu even when user does not have adminLoginAs grant on any account

  • Bug 94190 (Admin - Console): View Mail button is enabled for Distribution Lists but does not work

Since Patch 2 is cumulative with Patch 1, it also includes these fixes:

  • Bug 77944 (Admin - Console): zmcertmgr: Subjectaltname is truncated in CSR

  • Bug 79804 (Briefcase): Can't edit Zimbra Document in Briefcase

  • Bug 83298 (Admin - Console): Improve admin console usability when returned results is over the limit

  • Bug 83327 (Admin - Console): lazy loading(or avoid if possible) GetEffectiveRightRequest in searchdirectory request

  • Bug 85325 (Admin - Console): "No Local Copy" should require a forwarding address - broken

  • Bug 87360 (Mail - Server): nginx throws a 502 (invalid header) when downloading a file attachment if filename has a space character

  • Bug 87412 (Other - Server): Security fix

  • Bug 87728 (Other - Server): Security fix

  • Bug 87971 (Mobile - Zimbra Mobile Sync): Attachment upload issues BB 10 using active-sync

  • Bug 88182 (Admin - Console): Admin UI is not accessible while object counts are being loaded

  • Bug 88481 (Admin - Console): Postfix recipient restrictions: DNS checks - wrong parametername (reject_unknown_client)

  • Bug 89146 (Conn for Outlook): Outlook 2010 crash with ZCO while pushing new appointments

  • Bug 89166 (Admin - Console): Adding member to distribution list does not update account's "member of" view

  • Bug 89504 (Other - Server): Soap - (batch) GetInfoRequest huge elapsed time with AJAX webmail interface

  • Bug 89584 (Mail - Server): "mail.NO_SUCH_ITEM" exception after selecting invitation message from shared folder

  • Bug 90562 (Contacts): Unable to list all objects

Please read through the Release Notes for install instructions, as there are some additional grants that should be added to domains to allow for object counts. For all customers running ZC 8.0.7, we would recommend that you install this patch. The patch process is quick, can be installed while the server is live (as a hotfix) and requires just a "zmmailboxd restart" after installation, so just a few minutes of downtime tops. As a matter of best practices, we always suggest testing the process first in your test lab environment.
Please submit a case or post to the forums if any questions or issues.
-Zimbra Support

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