New permissions and roles in

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New permissions and roles in

Postby jorgedlcruz » Sun Jun 21, 2015 9:23 am

Hello zimbrans,

During past week we applied the first changes that you will see in the, the site where you can find/upload/download Zimlets, Themes, Apps & Extras. As you know, this is a really valuable place where Customers and users of the Open Source version of Zimbra Collaboration, can improve their deployment.

During past months, every user could do the register and start to upload their content immediately, but this process that can help legitimate users, did help also to spammers to upload their content.

The new proccess to use the is the next one:

  1. Register in gallery.zimbra like usual

  2. If you only want to download, and rate the Zimlets, Themes, etc, no additional step is required.

  3. If you want to upload Zimlets, Themes, Apps & Extras send an email to telling us more about the project, can be quick.

    1. Then a Zimbra employee will change your role from authenticated user to Contributor, this can take some hours.

  4. You can now upload your Zimlet, Theme, App, etc and contribute with all the Zimbra Community. Congratulations!

We changed already to Contributors the Top 4 guys wih the best Zimlets:

We want to hear your feedback, let us know.

Thank you Community !

Jorge de la Cruz
Systems Engineer at Veeam Software
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New permissions and roles in

Postby ploeger » Sun Jun 21, 2015 10:09 am

Wow. "Top 4 guys with the best zimlets"? Thanks!

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