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Fall 2010 Training

Posted: Tue Oct 12, 2010 12:05 pm
by mmorse
Some Zimbra Training events coming up:
ZCS for Administrators (2 & 3-day options)

- Nov. 08-11, Paris, France (Hosted by StarXpert, instructed in French)

- Nov. 10-12, Munich, Germany (Hosted by Zimbra, instructed in German)

- Nov. 16-18, Florence, Italy (Hosted by Seacom, instructed in Italian)

- Nov. 23-25, London, UK (Hosted by One Point, instructed in English)

- Nov. 29-1st, Oslo, Norway (Hosted by Redpill Linpro, instructed in Norwegian)

- Dec. 07-09, Redwood City, California, USA (Hosted by Zimbra, instructed in English)

Zimlet Development (2 days)

- Nov. 9-11, Redwood City, California (Hosted by Zimbra, instructed in English)
Messaging Clients for Helpdesk Agents (3 hours)

- Nov. 11 (Live Online)
Web-Clients for Helpdesk Agents (3 hours)

- Oct. 20 (Live Online)

- Dec. 14 (Live Online)

To register please see the training page for full details.