Enabling DNS lookup for particular domain

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Enabling DNS lookup for particular domain

Postby Eswaran » Mon Jun 20, 2016 7:06 pm

Hello Everyone,

I have installed zimbra collaboration edition 8.6.0, I have two domain configured in that ( example.com, example.in ). i have disabled DNS Lookup in global settings at earlier stage, So that both the domain were working as a internal email server. And also i have google apps with same domain "example.com" hosted in public to send and receive email from other domain.

But now i want to configure "example.in" zimbra domain to send/receive mail from other domain. i.e i want to enable DNS Lookup only for "example.in" domain in zimbra. But enabling DNSlookup is possible only on global settings or in per server basis, no options to enable DNSlookup per domain level. if i enable DNS Lookup in global MTA settings or in server MTA settings my "example.com" domain will conflict with google "example.com" domain.

Is there a way where i can enable DNS lookup for particular domain.

Thanks & Regards,

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