How to achieve hot standbye backup for ZCS 8.8?

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How to achieve hot standbye backup for ZCS 8.8?

Postby Erik-NA » Sun Sep 17, 2017 8:55 am

I have one site installed with Zimbra Collaboration Network Edition in a single server setup and am planning to set up a second physical site with a hot stand bye Zimbra slave server if the master server goes down or is not longer accessible. If that happens I have to do some things manually, like importing a backup and redo logs and changing DNS etc.

To achieve this I am rsyncing the backup folder on a daily basis and I am also rsyncing the redolog folder every 10th minutes from the master to the slave. Both backups and redologs are stored outside Zimbra installation on the slave, in a "remote" folder.

I have some question about this.

1. As I understand I must setup Zimbra om my slave server just as the first server. Using the same passwords etc and also activate the license. Do I need a second Zimbra license for this?
2. Using the new NG modules for backup, on the slave server, can I simply import a daily backup from the "remote" folder?
3. And how to import the redo logs after importing a daily backup? Using CLI?

Or is there any other way to have a Zimbra server stand-by, ready to serve if the master server goes down or is not longer accessible?


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Re: How to achieve hot standbye backup for ZCS 8.8?

Postby phoenix » Sun Sep 17, 2017 11:11 am

There is no currently supported HA solution for ZCS (mailstores), you'll have to wait for ZCS 9 (if it's still targetted for that version) for the 'always on' feature. If you search the forums for HA & DRBD you'll find further information on the possibility of creating a HA solution but, IMO, it's more trouble than it's worth. I believe you'd be far better concentrating on a good Backup/Restore and disaster recovery solution and planning for that (including testing the failed and recovery situation) - make sure it's well documented and well tested and you should be OK with that.


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