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Outlook Connector

Postby crodon » Thu May 30, 2019 7:21 am

Good morning

I have the following issue:

- Calendars, appointments and reservations work correctly if access to the mail is via the web interface ([https: // <server>: 8443] https: // <server>: 8443)
- ZimbraConnectorOLK- has been installed on the client (windows 10)
- No error on log (cleint side
When creating an appointment with Microsoft Outlook 2011 (32bit) the availability (free / busy) of another user with shared calendar is not displayed.
The error reported is as follows:
Error reading the relative availability data on the Internet.
Unexpected URL error
https: // <server> /service/pubcal/freebusy.ifb? ...

On Sever Side no error

Can someone help me

Thanks in Advance

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