Tablet and iPhone client not working

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Tablet and iPhone client not working

Postby Martinwiertz » Sun Jul 27, 2014 1:21 pm

I installed the open source version and it is great! But i have an issue. 8.5.0 beta3,23june foss.
From pc all works fine except tablet website.
From an iPad i have url and get. an error 404.

Replacing the /t for /m does give the mobile website. On the tablet iT does not work with the tablet website.
On the windows phone op iPhone the mobile website does not work AT once. After login i get. an error and url with Remember=1. If i replace the last part for /m it provides the mobile website. (/t website does not work also)
Does anyone has an explanation why the server looks incomplete in the configuration?

What should i do?

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