Zimbra is going to be launching a new product called the Zimbra Collaboration Suite Appliance (ZCA). The Zimbra Appliance is your email and collaboration cloud that is easy to deploy and administer on the VMware vSphere platform. ZCA enables customers to run a single instances of the 'Zimbra Collaboration Suite and operating system' pre-packaged as a virtual appliance, making this product ideal for SMB businesses with up to 1,000 mailboxes.

The Zimbra Collaboration Suite Appliance is available to customers for a private beta. We are looking for 5-10 businesses interested in evaluating the product and providing us with their feedback. The Zimbra Appliance Beta version requires vSphere 4.0 or higher already deployed on-premise.

If you would like to participate in the private beta please send an email to beta@zimbra.com.

The ZCA team