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Thread: Simplified console too simple?

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    Default Simplified console too simple?


    I'am using ZCS 5.x for a while running on Ubuntu 8.04.

    After getting a new server, I decided to give ZCA a try, but I'am somewhat confused about the simplified admin interface.

    Isn't there a way to disable services like antispam or to manager MTA Trusted Networks?

    I'am getting why you guys stripped down the console, but wasn't this a bit to much?

    Thanks and keep up the good work.


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    What all would you like to see in the console that you don't now? (Aside from what you've listed above)
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    Weirdly I was having the same conversation with someone who was new to Zimbra and has also found the admin console seriously stripped down, they're certainly considering NOT using Zimbra because of it yet its a perfect solution for them.

    I see why its done but I think its gone too far, particularly in getting no feedback on any potential mail delivery problems. At a minimum I'd be looking for the mail queue monitor and server stats back. Also I think the profiles is way to stripped. I can't specify the language for my clients for instance (this is a huge oversight to be honest - do you not test this with people outside the USA or whose first language isn't english?). Under profiles I see no reason why the entire "Preferences" sub tab has been taken out.

    Finally zimlets are gone, this is a big differentiator for Zimbra and yet its completely missing.

    The ZCA should be easy to deploy and run but its not designed for novices (quite clearly since a novice user would probably have this in some setup behind a firewall requiring split DNS which needs a little know-how in setting up).

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    I'm still evaluating Zimbra for a small business and before the appliance I was testing the open source edition. I have to agree with fruitloaf's post!

    For instance, I was just sending an email and it has not been delivered to an external address. In the OSE I could look at the mail queues and see what was happening, but with the appliance this is not possible.

    There’s a famous design adage attributed to Albert Einstein, that everything should be as simple as possible but not simpler.

    I think that Zimbra needs to re-evaluate the intended simplicity of the ZCA because at the moment I am more inclined to forgo the ease of deployment for the ease of maintenance and troubleshooting of the OSE.

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    We'll be adding additional MTA configuration and queue management options in a future release.
    Bug 49919 – Expose MTA configuration and management in Appliance

    We are also looking at simplifying the split domain setups to streamline migrations. We certainly appreciate the feedback, if there are additional critical features you feel are missing please let us know.

    The goal of the ZCA administration console is to focus on everyday administration tasks over one time configuration options.
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