Hi All,

Before I ask the question, let me apologize to VMW, yes I know you have geared ZCA to VMW, but, I have shovel loads of full blown Citrix boxes, and I do not know (or have even seen a crosgrade offer for citrix > VMW), so sorry

OK, so now the question, have Citrix XEN Essential servers, from what I read and could be wrong, I am assuming ZCA will only work on VMW?

The ZCA is the best suit for us, we only have 8 bods and this will be for internal use, rather than a service, the full blown ZCS with mobile and archiving is just not economical for under 25 users. (yes I know archiving is not in ZCA, but, at least mobile is )

ZIM will you add archiving as an option to ZCA, that or, will you make a smaller ZCS for 10 users with all the bells and whistles?