My Setup :

Host is running Windows 2008 Web R2 with VMWare Server installed on it. The guest machine for Zimbra is Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit. SSL is commercial RapidSSL.

For some reason bridge networking only allowed everything external to reach the guest but from the guest I could only reach the host...not even the gateway. Tried doing everything with route, etc....didnt work.

So current setup is NAT with ICS setup on the main adapter. For incoming, I am using another program to forward all Zimbra ports to the guest from the host.

Everything works except CalDav on the iPhone4. Even Carddav went through fine. When setting up CalDav, it says cannot connect using SSL...try non-SSL which it tries on normal webmail port but again cannot authenticate.

All relevant ports, 443 8443, etc are open and nothing in the Zimbra log files.

Anybody has clues to what could be missing here ??