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    Default ?'s re: switching from Open Source to Appliance

    I've been running Zimbra Open Source at home for my family happily for a couple of years now. I have been doing this with 8 mailboxes on an Intel Atom board. I just ordered the newest Intel Atom board (no CPU fan) and will be using an SSD.

    I am considering using the free 10-user appliance instead of the open source edition, but I have a special configuration and I want to know if I can customize the appliance in the same way.

    The most important customization is for my children. I basically setup a whitelist so that Zimbra only allows them to send to a specific list and only allows that specific list to send to them. All other attempts, in or out, get dropped. Can I do the same thing with the appliance?

    Also, I customize the junk mail filter to be more aggressive, as DWTractor has posted in the forums in the past. Can that still be done?

    Are there any negatives I should be aware of before doing this?



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    No idea on your specific config questions, but to be aware of...

    The appliance needs to be run on a VMware host, it won't directly on top of a physical machine (as your post seems to imply you'd be doing).

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    Default Custom Config: IS POSSIBLE


    So I've been playing around with the appliance now for a while today and have figured out that indeed, you can muck around the command line via SSH (thanks zelthian), and add customizations. Specifically, I am making additions to the file and they are sticking and showing up in the file.

    My customizations are based on these wiki articles:

    RestrictPostfixRecipients - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Restrict sending to certain domains - Zimbra :: Wiki
    Restrict users to certain domain - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Basically, I am slowly giving my young teenagers access to e-mail, but I use this to control who can send to them and who they can send to. It's a two-way whitelist.


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