I am installing the appliance and am trying to figure out what IP addresses and host names to use (in the initial setup, before running the browser setup).

Below is an outline showing how I am currently set up.


Registrar points mydomain.com to nameservers ns1.webhost.com and ns2.webhost.com.


Web host has nameservers ns1.webhost.com aka and ns2.webhost.com aka

Webhost has mx entry for mydomain.com as: m.mydomain.com, Priority 0.

Webhost has “a” record for m.mydomain.com as: (see below)


ISP assigns Host Name: ISPNAME and Domain Name: ci.ispname.net



Router name: ROUTER IP address: Subnet mask:

Local IP: Subnet mask:

Domain name: not set on router (“status” Shows domain name o ci.ispname.net)

Set as gateway

Does not set static internal IP addresses, but can work with computer-assigned static IPs


1) When initially setting up the appliance, which IP address do I use for DNS1 and DNS2:

a. and (the nameservers that contain the "A" and "MX" records pointing to my router's IP address)

b. and (my ISP's DNS servers); or

c. DNS servers set up within my internal network, pointing to the internal IP address I assign to the appliance?

2) What hostname do I use?

a. m.mydomain.com

b. ISPNAME; or

c. localhost.localdom?