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Thread: ova deployment fails to start - LDAP and Mailbox DEAD

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    Red face ova & ovf deployment fails to start - LDAP and Mailbox DEAD

    After the installation (Followed post to get around the DHCP problem during install) the web console says : Zimbra services are not available.
    Please verify that all services are running on the status tab.

    Status Tab says all running except Mailbox and LDAP.

    Can not login to linux distro as root cause do not know the password.

    Help Please.

    No communication - tried downloading the OVF.ZIP package - reported as corrupt upon unzipping.

    In the absence of any assistance now looking for another product that WILL install as the manual says it does.
    Very sad - The ZCS client looks great - pity the server does not function as a mail server - very disappointing.
    I hope that vmware ownership improves the quality control.

    Trying 7.0 Beta Just in case the installation routine is better written. I really want to use Zimbra - just want it to work.

    Well - V 7 installs without the drama of v6 and it actually starts correctly - the problems are the subject of the next post.........
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