I'm trying to setup zca 7 on my windows 7 pc.I run it through Vmware workstation and have NAT as connection at the vmware settings.

Well I get an IP and then I have done the initial settings with hostname and
admin email-pass.In hostname I put "Zimbra" and then as email:
info@vagelisfragkos.com which is hosted in a windows vps and the registrar
is godaddy with DNS set in godaddy from the VPS.

Now what I want2 things)
1.To get emails on the zimbra collaboration server from this email
So does it matter that I used "Zimbra" as hostname?
When I try to send an email it shows "Message not sent; one or more addresses were not accepted.Rejected addresses: name@domain.com"
So how can I play with domain which is public(site) and send via zimbra emails to either other new accounts locally on the Internet(gmail.com)?

2.I want to setup this on the company I work for.(always as an appliance)
What I want there is to have the zimbra server actually host the mails locally but use a public domain set in company's registrar which is godaddy.I think here I should change the dns in godaddy to point at the static IP in my company's local domain but I'm not sure how to set it up with hostname and so on.

Please help me.
Thank you very much.