Hi all,

I've managed to successfully installed ZCS ver. 7.1.1 GA in Ubuntu 8.04 LTS (32bit x86 version) and also the ZD 7.01 in Windows. I can access everything via the local area network - great! I'm very new to linux and Ubuntu, it's almost a miracle everything is working.

Anyway, I have a small problem - which is enabling Zimbra to be accessed from the Internet via static IP. Basically, what I want is when authorized user type in my static IP address, he/she will automatically be brought onto the Zimbra login page.

I have a static IP router which is managed by the router, I tried to set up a virtual server, which directs my static IP to zimbra's IP. However, this is unsuccessful because whenever I put port 80, the router rejects it due to port conflict with the web - it said.

How can I get around this and access Zimbra from the web? I'm sure this is the basic feature, and I look forward to getting some answers.