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Thread: Problem with ZCA6 Admin tab

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    Default Problem with ZCA6 Admin tab

    I finish installing and configuring ZCA6, I have all services up and running, but the admin console is not loading. Any idea why this is happening?

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    Any errors?

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    Since there's been no response, I'll jump in... assuming I had the same issue he did... When accessing the Zimbra Administration tab using IE9, I was repeatedly stopped in my tracks by the following message: "Content was blocked because it was not signed by a valid security certificate".... The ONLY workaround I could find was to switch to FIREFOX....... period............. And even using Firefox, after accessing the Administration tab, I'd get the same message when trying to access the SETTINGS tab... The work around for this was to delete the appliance, re-download it and configure the answer file. BUT.... Do NOT power on the VM after it's deployed. Once the vm is deployed, go into VC and disable the nic so it doesn't go live at power up. At this, point, you can power up the VM. You'll notice an error when the appliance tries to create the certificate. It's ok. Let the VM complete it's power up. Once done and the vm is powered up, you can then enable the nic and you'll be able to get into the SETTINGS TAB inside the ZIMBRA ADMINISTRATION TAB. NOTE: this did not solve the issue in IE9, only Firefox.

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