Hiya forums,

I've come across a single problem that the system is unable to to fsck itself due to issues that are beyond my control. It is currently asking for a root password, and the one I had on file for the admin console isn't working. I know this is an ubuntu 8.04 LTS distro, but my biggest concern is I can't seem to import the disks into another Guest to try and root it myself. I can't mount the 2 smaller disks, and the larger ones seem to be LVM, but my ubuntu 10.04 system can't mount it, says incorrect block information.

How would I go about single user the Zimbra server so I can run fsck myself, or changing the root password so I don't have this problem in the future.

If people are wondering, I don't know the version of the Zimbra appliance I have, nor could I get into the Guest OS to find out. I do have administrative access to my ESXi host, and if a support technician needs one for the ZImbra appliance, I am more than willing. At this time, I know I don't have a support account/license, so I wont be opening a support ticket. Unless I'm supposed to and I'm completely terse.

Anthony Hernandez